Smells have the advantage that it is ambient, can be subtle, and hard to ignore. It can linger over a period, and is powerfully evocative: individual smells can bring back deep, strong memories.  I believe the scent makes peoples’ experience more special.

Based on this idea, I made a memory crafted perfumes project named ‘Episodic Smells.’ I inspired from the term ‘Episodic Memory.’ Episodic memory is the memory of events(times, places, associated emotions, and other contextual who, what, when, where why knowledge) that can be explicitly stated or conjured. They allow an individual to figuratively travel back in time to remember the event that took place at that particular time and space. So I want to see and know how peoples’ episodic smells look like. I researched peoples’ episodic smells through giving them materials that they can express their episodic smells. I asked people that "what is your episodic smells?" "Please going back to the memory that has a strong sense of smell and can allow you to travel specific moments" During the workshop, peoples’ go back to their episode that has the strong sense of smells and thinks about their precious memory related to scents. 
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