My assignment was redesigning Mika’s album cover. The assigned album was ‘Life in Cartoon Motion’. The songs on the album are generally cheerful and upbeat. Among them, I chose Love Today, Lollipop, and Grace Kelly. I then created a character with the signature hairstyle of Mika and illustrated the character into every single album cover. Each album cover is made up of scenes in which the character is doing diverse things.The reason why all the characters are naked is to express the purity and fear that can be felt in Mika's songs.
At first, I listened to songs from in my daily life to fully understand Mika albums. So I tried to understand the lyrics and the feeling of the album. After that, I organized scenes for each song to express the bright and cartoon feelings that the Mika album has. 
On the Grace Kelly cover, I expressed a feeling of honor by forming a scene in which the character jumps and gets illuminated. On the cover of the Lollipop, I inspired by the lyrics and tactfully expressed the feeling of being repressed by love. On the Love Today cover, I expressed a positive feeling and a lovely feeling. And finally, on the main cover, the characters from the three single albums were properly placed and added little more elements to make it feel abundant. 

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